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Metal constructions

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Manufacture metal construction

diplomThe ever developing company OÜ Tatpar V.O. introduces new technologies into production, ensuring high quality and the promptness of manufacturing. OÜ Tatpar V.O. manufactures metal constructions of various degrees of complexity and configuration. One of the directions is the design and manufacturing robotized and automated conveyor lines for various segments of industry. The company has extensive work experience and a full fleet of equipment for the manufacturing of the said production, which allows us to execute orders with quality and within the shortest deadlines. OÜ Tatpar V.O. has also experience in the manufacturing of building constructions of various sizes.
The customers of OÜ Tatpar V.O. are large worldwide suppliers of equipment for the processing of various materials: timber, metal, mineral resources. OÜ Tatpar V.O. guarantees high quality and promptness of manufacturing.